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Outdoor Science Education: Building Curiosity and Passion in Nature

Engaging Students in Hands-on Activities to Deepen their Interest in Science and Nature

With an OC Community Grant through the Foundation, fifth grade students at Sycamore Magnet Academy in Tustin, California will participate in a 3-day stayover outdoor science camp in the San Bernardino Mountains, actively and collaboratively engaging in hands-on science activities.

At SMA one of our central goals is to build a community that nurtures tomorrow's global leaders. We believe our students are on that path to leadership and that participating in science camp will further ignite our students' passion for science, capacity for innovation and leadership and "support (SMA) young scientists today for tomorrow's breakthrough discoveries."

Dr. Maria Darcy, Sycamore Magnet Academy PTA Fundraising Chair

About the Program

Students will have the opportunity to study a broad science curriculum based in geology, wildlife biology, forest ecology, and astronomy, deepening their interest in science and helping them identify areas for further exploration and learning.

As the students explore science and nature in a hands-on manner, they will have the opportunity to develop new interests, build new skills, work with science professionals, and learn about possible careers in science from the scientists themselves. They will also learn to apply the scientific method, think critically and communicate as a scientist and informed citizen. Participating in this multi-day experience will build self-awareness, leadership skills including improved communication, teamwork skills, conflict resolution, and improved problem solving. Students will develop curiosity, confidence, and an appreciation for the value of collaboration in the pursuit of scientific knowledge and discovery.

Read a press release about this grant here.

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